Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone MassageOur 100 minute Hot Stone Massage is a very luxurious treatment. We use an Organic Jojoba base oil with a combination of essential oils chosen just for you. By doing so you are getting two treatments in one (Aromatherapy and Hot Stone Massage).

Our Hot Stone Massage uses Basalt Stones, which are hand harvested volcanic rocks smoothed over time by rivers and oceans. The heat of the Basalt Stones allows for deeper penetration of the muscles.

Benefits of Hot Stone Massage are:

  • Induces a state of deep relaxation which leads to stress reduction
  • Stimulates the circulatory and lymphatic system (increased detoxification and metabolic rate)
  • Warm tendons will loosen faster and stretch further.
  • Increases range of motion.
  • Helps to relieve pain and muscle spasms.
  • Good for regulating digestion, speeding up metabolism and speeding up weight loss.
  • Soothes PMS-related symptoms.
  • Provides relief from chronic or temporary back and neck pain.
  • Instant relaxation of tight and sore muscles.
  • Balances and soothes the autonomic nervous system
  • Ease insomnia